Sweet Corn Honey 66 ( L size 6 pcs/box)


  •  A temperate sweet corn that is typically grown in highland areas and takes about 3 – 4 months to harvest.
  •  It is known for its glossy, striking golden yellow kernels and thin pericarp; which gives it a crunchy texture.
  •  The average weight of each cob is between 350 gm – 400 gm.
  •  The highlight of this corn is the anti-shrunken and stay sweet genes; which help to maintain the sugar content on the cob for longer.
  •  The brix value may reach up to 16%; definitely can satisfy those with sweet tooth.
  •  The sweetness and juiciness can be fully enjoyed by eating it fresh. It is absolutely suitable to be incorporated in salad and other dishes.
  •  Alternatively, it can also be steamed for 2 – 3 minutes, and its flavorful taste will emerge even without the addition of salt and butter.
  •  Recommended to store the fruit corn with husk at temperature between 14℃ – 16℃ for better shelf life

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