Papaya – Amber (4pcs/box)


  • It has an oblong shape with a slightly pointed bottom, it typically weighs between 0.9 kg and 2 kg.
  •  The fruit has a smooth and glossy skin that is golden yellow in color when it ripens.
  • It has an attractive orange-red color flesh, with a soft and buttery texture.
  •  This vine-ripe fruit is prized for its sweet flavor and high nutritional value, the brix level may reach up to 14%.
  •  Papaya can be eaten in various ways; as a refreshing snack, blended into smoothies, added into salads or used in desserts.
  •  An excellent source of vitamins and minerals, particularly high in vitamin C, vitamin A and folate, which are essential nutrients for maintaining a healthy body.
  • Recommend to store the papaya at temperature between 14℃ – 16℃ for better shelf life.

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